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Services Platform Software Engineer

Position - Services Platform Software Engineer

Location - Ithaca, NY

Position - Full Time


Rosie delivers the next generation of grocery e-commerce shopping. With our robust

platform, grocery retailers are able to provide their customers with a delightful

experience from end-to-end, both inside and outside the brick and mortar stores.

We’re looking for developers who are passionate about building a user experience that

makes shopping on Rosie as fun, powerful, and easy to use as possible.

With your skills, talent, and passion you might be exactly the person we need! Here’s the fine



As a services platform software developer on our team, you’ll be responsible for the


  • Working closely with Rosie’s Development, Quality Assurance, and Product teams to design, implement, test, and document RESTful JSON web services for Rosie’s retailer and consumer apps using Java EE, Apache Solr, and PostgreSQL.
  • Developing unit and functional tests with JUnit and other tools to ensure that software systems work as designed.
  • Participating in the agile Kanban development process.

You Have

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Management of Information Systems, or similar.
  • 3+ years’ experience building Java-based web applications and middleware/backend APIs, using some or all of the following tools:  
    • Spring 4+ / Spring Boot 1+
    • EclipseLink JPA or Hibernate JPA
    • Maven
    • Gradle
  • Experience building and using RESTful web services and adhering to related industry standards.
  • 2+ years of experience using a distributed revision control system, such as Mercurial or GIT.
  • 2-3 years of experience working on a team to develop software, following a defined methodology such as agile Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming (XP), or waterfall.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral. You will be expected to communicate across teams within Rosie, as well as with our customers.
  • Ability to communicate and interpret information in both writing and through diagrams.

Extra Awesome

  • 2+ years of experience working directly with customers to build solutions that satisfy requirements / user stories they have provided.
  • 2+ years of demonstrated experience writing applications in a variety of programming languages with multiple frameworks, including Java EE and Play; Ruby on Rails (ROR) 3+; Python; Microsoft .NET 3.5+ and the Microsoft Entity Framework; and/or PHP 5+ and the Symfony framework.
  • 2+ years of demonstrated experience developing OSGi applications.
  • Past experience working with NoSQL databases like Redis, Memcached, or Hazelcast.
  • Past experience working with message queues like RabbitMQ.
  • Past experience working with message serializers like Gson and Protobuf.
  • Past experience working with and managing Cloud-based applications, including:
    • AWS EC2
    • AWS S3
    • AWS OpsWorks
    • Chef 11+
  • Past experience working with a JetBrains IDE (IntelliJ / WebStorm / PHPStorm /RubyMine).
  • Extensive knowledge of SQL syntax (Postgres variant), including:
    • Use of SQL query language to retrieve and correlate existing database records.
    • Use of SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) to insert and update database records.
    • Use of SQL Data Definition Language (DDL) to add, modify, and remove database objects
    • Optimization of SQL queries to reduce run-time.
    • Application of SQL best practices to prevent SQL injection attacks and other vulnerabilities at run-time.

Why Rosie

  • Our work environment is a clean, bright workshop in the heart of the Ithaca Commons.
  • We provide the software and tools for you to succeed. 
  • Our excellent team environment will nurture your talents.
  • We provide an unlimited vacation plan - take what you need.
  • We live to create moments that deliver delight.

How To Apply

To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter that catches our attention and

highlights why you’d be a great fit for this position to

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